AAA can assist in these areas:

Advising on interplay of business facts with Central Excise laws and procedures
Developing strategies for risk mitigation during adversarial investigation proceedings
Deploying measures to reduce the adverse outcome of litigation through well documented facts
Assisting in drafting appropriate written submissions/replies to Show Cause Notice
Continuous ideation to identify grounds of defence (legal as well as on merits)
Guidance on protecting the legal rights of the organization and its employees
Exploring alternate judicial forum to defend any coercive behaviour from the authorities



Central Excise Duty was based on the Central Excise Act, 1944 and was levied and collected on act of Manufacture by the Central Government. After the commencement of Goods & Services Tax in 2017, Central Excise has been repealed except for Petroleum Products such as petroleum crude, diesel, petrol, natural gas and Alcoholic Products for human consumption. The GST Act 2017 subsumed several levies from Union and State Lists. Investigation under Central Excise For the purpose of compliance with the statute, Authorities have power to search, seize and arrest if they have reasonable reasons to believe that there is contravention of Central Excise Act and Rules. HOW ASAV ATTORNEYS & ADVISORS CAN ASSIST: ASAV Attorney & Advisors (AAA) has a competent team which deals with the investigation under Central Excise Duty. Our aim is to provide our clients a consistently high standard of service at competitive compensations ensuring a value for money.