AAA can assist in these areas:

Litigation and arbitration pertaining to shipping, cargo claims, ownership disputes
Drafting and negotiating sale, purchase and lease of ships
Entire Value Chain of Shipping and Maritime Laws including coordination with Ministry and DG Shipping



Trade and commerce via water play a significant part of economy. Maritime Law covers under its purview a wide range of matters such as carriage of goods by sea, marine insurance, ownership and registration of ships, sale and ship building contracts, financing and mortgages, law of collision, salvage, towage, maritime liens, etc. This area is dominantly governed by legislations such as the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958, the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1925, the Bills of Lading Act, 1856 and the Major Port Trusts Act, 1963. Our team at ASAV Attorney & Advisors (AAA) provides in-depth guidance and assistance in matters relating to Maritime Law. We aim to provide quality services to our clients by delving into the intricacies of each matter.